This is not forever.

To make a living, I dig holes. I wander through the woods and, every 15 meters, I dig a hole. Sometimes the holes are rocky and full of roots. Sometimes they are just full of dirt. Sometimes I can’t dig the holes because the mosquitoes and flies and ticks are biting me to death. But, regardless of this disturbance, I still have to dig them. Some may say that I am an archaeologist. I like to call my position “Glorified Post-Hole Digger.”

I enjoy my job, but this is not forever.

I read the news today, oh boy. John McCain is joking about a woman being raped. BMW used car ads appear with women and the caption “You know you’re not the first.” Oil continues spiking without any interference to stop the rising prices. They say abortion is good, but they say abortion is bad. Health care will pay for Viagra but not birth control. Something seems to be inconsistent here…

I love my country, but this is not forever.

Day in and day out, we all search for meaning. We search for a reason to be, a reason to continue, a reason to live. We search for a response to the statement put forth by Camus, that the only question of philosophy is why we should not commit suicide. We look for value in this inherently nihilistic world, for an existence to counter an existence empty of substance. Every day we dig holes looking for paleolithic knives and fluted points, personal permanence and ultimate truths but find nothing but dirt and rocks, lack and nihilism.

Welcome to the Sisyphean Feat.


~ by sisypheanfeat on 17 July, 2008.

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