Transferring lives.

I called today “Packing.” I have finally moved everything from my house to my car in preparation for this weekend’s move. I find it funny that in the 22 1/2 years that I have been alive, after all they money I have spent on all those things that I needed sooo badly at the time, I have come to accumulate only barely more than one carload–and a small car at that–full of actual, long-lasting useful stuff. My life comes down to so few possessions, and it is amazingly liberating.

I have finally realized that this is the end of a significant stage of my life, that I will no longer be living in my college town with my college friends and doing all the same college things that have defined my life for the past four years. I will no longer be riding my bike home across town at 1:30 a.m. after a late night of movies and Chinese food and beer. I will no longer be fighting traffic or walking long distances with my backpack full of philosophy while dictating my latest thoughts into a hand-held recording device. No more Barnes and Noble reading-a-book-for-free-between-classes parties. No more sleeping in the library between classes because Kant or Wittgenstein or Williams proved too damn boring to stay awake. It saddens me to leave this all behind, but at the same time, I am glad to have had such an amazing experience. I met amazing people. I did awesome things. I formed bonds that will last for a lifetime and knowledge that (hopefully) will surpass my own existence by far.

It is strange to be packing up your life, moving to a place where you have no job, no idea of what goes on there and only know a few people. But, on the other hand, it is very liberating. It’s somewhere that you are new, free to create your own identity, your own goals, your own dreams–and you are free to achieve them all. The only one who knows your past is you.

The only one who can hold me back is me.


~ by sisypheanfeat on 31 July, 2008.

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