This is the creative process.

Why is it so difficult to be creative sometimes?  My mind is full of thoughts, full of ideas, full of potential but the problem lies in the expression.  I feel that sometimes my overly analytical mind is a curse as well as a blessing.  It is difficult for me to let things evolve, to just do what comes into my head.  Living life full of plans when plans never work out is utterly useless but yet I cannot bring myself to escape from it.  I yearn for liberation.

My life is full of comma splices, abrupt pauses between the inane babble that spews from most the mouths of most people.  I feel that there is something more, something desperate.  They need to speak, there is something deep inside of them, but they just cannot find the words.  They talk about sports and dresses and cars but that’s not really what they are trying to say.

Their mouths just cannot find the translation for what their souls are trying to express.


~ by sisypheanfeat on 14 August, 2008.

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