So today started off like a normal Wednesday. Woke up at 7:00 as co-pilot was getting out of bed to get ready for school. Went back to sleep until about 8:15. Woke up, did the normal-morning-getting-ready-for-work routine. Then I got to work at 10:00. Just like any normal Wednesday.

Then something unexpected happened. I got a phone call from co-pilot. Now, this is unexpected as it was about 10:42 and she knew I would be at work. This being the case, I figured that it had to be important, so I answered. And chaos ensued.

Apparently our landlady left quite a nasty message on her voicemail about how we didn’t give her enough rent and how this was going to be a problem and we were going to get charged extra and she was going to have us kicked out and subsequently slay us with a scimitar. This came as a surprise to me since I know for a fact that the roomie wrote out her rent check and I very vividly remember writing my rent check, as writing a check for over $100 for any reason makes me feel want to start a revolution to destroy capitalism once and for all. I also remember putting both checks in the envelope and the envelope being delivered early yesterday morning.

So, being a) closer to our apartment and b) the more confrontational one and c) a good roommate, I said I would take care of it. Thus, I finished what I was doing and took my lunch break. At 11:00. An hour after I got to work. Needless to say, I was a little upset. So, I walk the 10 minute walk home in about 4 minutes and find our landlady.

ME: “Hi. Can I see the envelope that our rent was in?”
LL: “I don’t have the envelope.”
ME: “Well, there were two checks in there.”
LL: “Oh.”
ME: “Yeah.”
LL: Pause. “Well let me look.”

At this point she rummages through her garbage for about 5 minutes. I notice that she blows her nose a lot, gets a lot of junk mail and ate out for lunch yesterday. At the bottom of the pile, she finds our envelope and–vola!–pulls out my check. She sits there and holds it for a minute, looking back and forth between me, the check and the trash with an expression of amazement on her face as if I somehow materialized a check into her garbage can.

LL: “Oh.”
ME: Sternly. “Yeah.”
LL: “I guess I will have to be more careful next time.”
ME: Sternly, with a sarcastic grin and exaggerated head-nodding. “Yeah.”

So I leave. Because, you see, as I am well aware that this would be the point where I should give her a much deserved verbal ass-kicking, she is an old lady and reminds me of my grandmother. I probably wouldn’t have even been upset if she didn’t leave such a rude message, but I was quite curt with her. So take that.

But I’ll tell you one thing–she sure as shit isn’t getting any Christmas cookies this year.


~ by sisypheanfeat on 3 September, 2008.

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