Guiding you home.

Reasons Why I Love My Job:

  1. The people I work with are awesome.  I mean, one may be a dominatrix in her spare time, but what she does at home is none of my business.  It is just they are all really chill, relaxed and generally almost always in a good mood.  Not the overbearing, super hyper kind of happy, but just joyful happy.  ‘Cuz I don’t do the other kind.  Those kind of people make me want to hide in the basement with my disaster bag and a big bat.
  2. I am typically the only one in the room where my desk is, which leaves me the opportunity to bring in my laptop and blast music from my iTunes library.  Like “Zombie” by The Cranberries.  Sweet.
  3. Again, since I am the only one in this area (read: on this floor) of the building, and also because I usually have very little consistent work to do, I can pretty much do whatever I want.  Like blog.  Or do online logic puzzles.  Or look at porn.  Just kidding.  But really.
  4. I get one free class per semester.  Personally, I prefer to use the title “Lover of Wisdom,” not nerd. You wanna start something?

Reasons Why I Sometimes Want To Run Away Screaming:

  1. While having a lot of extra time is awesome, it can also drive me up a wall.  Like today, for instance. I have done 4 hours of grad. school research.  This makes my brain stop working like it normally does and start repeating, over and over again “Beer. Beer. Beer.” Though I think this is more the fault of grad. school, not work.
  2. Umm, actually all I can think of is 1.  That’s actually pretty sweet, since usually the negatives outweigh the positives by 10:1.

Overall, then, I think it is safe to conclude that I am a pretty satisfied employee.  And I find that strange.  Or, perhaps, I think it is strange that I find my being satisfied at work strange.



~ by sisypheanfeat on 10 September, 2008.

One Response to “Guiding you home.”

  1. You make me laugh.
    Did you and Jo join 20something bloggers yet? Do IT NOW! So we can carpool to the meetup come June 🙂

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