bla Politics bla Election bla

Its strange.  Being someone who graduated with quite a few political science classes under my belt, you would think that I would be very interested in the upcoming election.  Heck, one would assume that I would have at least a little interest in it.  Even knowing what is going on would be sufficient, right?  But I’m not.  I mean, I will give myself some credit–having a lot of free time at work, I usually peruse the BBC site as well as the International Herald Tribune, so know what is going on.  Or at least, I know what they want me to think is going on.  And that is why I have very little interest.

You see, it is because of this ‘politics as usual’ garbage that I don’t pay any attention.  Prime example–the headlining link on the BBC page is about how Obama supposedly referred to McCain as an old fish and Palin as a pig with lipstick.  First of all, good.  Second of all, and most importantly, who gives a shit?  This is the same garbage that goes on election after election that makes me (and I am sure a lot of other people, too) completely disinterested in politics.  It would be much different if, when they were campaigning or debating or whatever, they actually talked about the issues and what they were going to do.  But instead we are forced to listen to two third graders fighting on the playground.  “You’re stupid.”  “Your mom wears combat boots!” “My dad could beat up your dad.”

I would just like to have one debate where they don’t spend the whole time talking about how the other candidate is terrible because he has a dumb haircut.  Or because she’s from Alaska.  Or he is old.  The only debate that I watched was when it was down to the wire between Obama and Clinton.  And what happened?  The question-asker-guy* spent the whole hour and a half talking about stupid shit that was either a) irrelevant b) already discredited or c) both.

Now can you see where I am coming from?

*Okay, so my mind is not working 100% today.  I may have a slight hangover.  Moral of the story?  Wednesdays are not for drinking!


~ by sisypheanfeat on 11 September, 2008.

One Response to “bla Politics bla Election bla”

  1. Sure, sure–I see now. You win!

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