I Got God Fever And The Only Solution Is Sarah Palin

Like every day that I am at work, I spend a lot of time perusing the International Herald Tribune website, pretending to read the news while actually just looking at the pictures. However, one of the few news stories that I decided to read was about the Catholic vote in Pennsylvania and had interviews with people in Scranton–a city very close to where I grew up, went to college and was living until I moved to the Philadelphia area. After reading through the article a bit, I remembered why I had left.

They were interviewing people at one of the main Catholic churches after mass one Sunday about the upcoming election and whom they would be voting for. Along with the typical political discussion put in the article by the writer were the following insights into the mind of the God-fearing, Bible-thumping Scrantonite:

“But more said they now leaned toward McCain, some citing his experience and all citing his opposition to abortion rights.”

What startles me about this observation is that only some people actually cared about his experience, but all cared about his opposition to abortion. “Experience? Who cares, so long as he ain’t no baby killer.” As if one’s opinion on abortion determines their ability to lead a nation. Someone please tell me how opposing abortion gives a candidate the ability to make good, well informed decisions surrounding issues that will be faced during presidency, such as foreign policy issues. I mean, Bush is in opposition to abortion and look at his decision making abilities–his foreign policy decisions could have been (and perhaps should have been) improved upon by, well, anyone that had two brain cells to rub together and the ability for rational problem solving. But he opposed abortion, so that must mean he is a good leader. Though, so does Pat Robertson and he sure as hell would not make a good president. Though he does have a vaccu-tube to God…

Then they went on to drop this gem, a direct quote from a man who was interviewed for the article commenting about Sarah Palin:

“She is antiabortion, anti-gay-marriage, anti-Big Oil, a lifetime member of the NRA, she hunts, she fishes – she is the perfect woman!”

Aside from the “anti-Big Oil” comment (which in itself is misleading), this entire sentence makes me want to curl up into the fetal position and start rocking back and forth. That is why I am glad I am no longer in that area. The mentality of these individuals astounds me–I mean, what is better than being anti-women’s rights? Well, being a woman who is against a womans rights to her own body, obviously. And shit, while we’re on that, she better not love other women, because only the government and God can tell you who to love.* And she better own a lot of guns just in case those Chinese commies decide to invade, which they are definitely going to try to do. We won’t have any communistic, peace-loving, baby killing homosexuals here. Especially if they are women.

I cringed when I clicked on the “Next Page” link, afraid of what I would have to endure putting my eyes to. And, as I read the first line, I saw that my worry was well warranted.

Direct quote from another one of Scranton’s upstanding citizens by the name of Ray McCormick being interviewed, commenting on why he would not vote for Obama:

“Are they going to call it the Black House?”

Awesome. Not only is the area full of homophobic patriarchal Bible-thumpers, but they are racist too.*** Because the trifecta was clearly not enough for this guy. He had to take it to the next level of ignorance.

These are the kinds of things that make me want to leave society and go live in a cave by myself somewhere.

*The article is available here.
**The problem, of course, is that God made both Adam and Eve and Adam and Steve and, if God creates humans but God is also infallible, then the homosexuality was something God intended to create and humans’ resistance to it would have to be considered blasphemy. Plus, all the anti-homosexuality arguments are inherently problematic stupid. So there.
***This is not to say that all Catholics are fundamentalist or racist or homophobic. There are many people who are Christians, be it Catholic, Protestant or what have you, that are some of the greatest people in the world. It is just that there are a lot of people who use “God” as a justification for hate and intolerance. And they are highly supported for doing so. Pat Robertson, anyone?


~ by sisypheanfeat on 17 September, 2008.

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