Let It Be

“It is strange but comfortable, that I don’t talk or write to people for long times.”

A very close friend said that to me in an email that he wrote while he was living in Hawaii. Almost two years later, I am starting to understand the subtleties of that idea. Living away from almost all of my close friends makes me realize how much I value them, how much I miss them. The strange thing, though, is that it isn’t any kind of urgent missing like homesickness or something like that, but rather more of a happiness that comes along with the absence of friends. It sounds strange to say it that way, that there is a happiness within the absence of friends, but that is what I am experiencing. That is not to say it is a “Thank God they aren’t here anymore” kind of happiness, but more of a calm, blissful state associated with it. And as my spiritual guru friend put it, it is strange, but also comfortable.

This feeling really started to make itself apparent to me last year when I was in Guatemala for two months and only had contact with people back home with emails which were sporadic at best. Throughout my life, I was always the person who needed to be home, who needed to be around his friends and family, who needed that stability. But there is something comforting in just giving yourself up wholly to the moment, regardless of the situation. It is amazing what happens when we allow the ego to stop demanding and trying to force everything to change and conform to what it wants and just spend our time fully aware in the here and now.

I think it is that very thing that has a lot to do with that feeling of contentment when being out of contact with individuals for an extended period of time. The reason that we think it is ‘strange’ is because we are supposed to feed the ego, to cling to these people, these objects, these pleasurable experiences and hold them to us with a death grip.

There is a certain amount of satisfaction when we let go of what we have been holding on to so tightly for so long and just let things be.


~ by sisypheanfeat on 17 September, 2008.

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