Lead us not into temptation…

I think I slept too much last night as I am still unable to clear the haze from my mind almost 7 hours of being awake.  I guess this is just a reminder that I cannot sleep more than 7 1/2 hours at a time without long-lasting consequences.

Anyway, today being the second Tuesday of the month, we had our General Assembly meeting.  Usually these are pretty standard and uneventful, but today we had an unusual request.  During the meeting, when we started talking about facilities issues, someone mentioned that the head janitor requested that we not leave money on our desks.  At first this seemed like reasonable, though slightly strange, request.  That is, until they told us why.  Apparently, this gentleman wants us to refrain from leaving money on our desks as it creates a temptation to take it.

This seems strange to me.  I mean, the only people with access to the desk he was referring to (which is in the locked library) would be that professor, the librarian, the academic dean and myself, along with the cleaning staff.  I am going to chalk it up to something being lost in translation, but the way it sounded was that he, the head of the nightly cleaning staff, was tempted.  Though, in hindsight, it was probably more of a general security concern and not a janitorial security concern, it still struck me as odd.

Also, for some unknown reason, my computer just made a very loud noise.  Actually, more like a very loud tone.  Like a loud, “you just did something bad” tone.  Which I do not understand, since the computer has no speakers.  Hmm…

Anyway, onto the regular business of the week I suppose.  Since this is the second and final week of my supervisor being in Korea, leaving me with basically nothing to do Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, I plan on trying to accomplish the following:

  • Rewrite my grad school writing sample
  • Continue to study for the GRE like a crazy person
  • Work on my letter of intent
  • Use my mental powers to make this building not so cold all day long

That is all.


~ by sisypheanfeat on 7 October, 2008.

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