Than to never have lived at all.

In my constant attempt to at least make some general sense of those arguments which I completely disagree with, lately I have been trying to make sense of some Pro-Life arguments.*  I know, it’s probably doomed to failure simply because of what it is, but I am trying.  And, in order that I don’t a) offend a whole lot of people and, probably more importantly, b) I don’t get all riled up, I am going to omit those arguments that at any point involve the words “God,” “soul,” or “Pat Robertson.”

Rather, I will focus on the belief in some circles that state it is better to have a life, any life, then to be denied the assumed right to exist in the first place. On closer examination, however, this assumption comes into question. Like the old adage about love, is it better to have lived and suffered than to never have lived at all?

After a lot of thought on this, I have decided that it is not.  While I cannot speak for everyone (even though that restriction is not often employed by the other side of this debate), I can say without hesitation that I would rather never have existed than be born into a life of constant suffering.  I am not talking about suffering in the sense that everyone is mean to me and I don’t get any new toys at Christmas.  I mean true suffering.  Being born with an illness that leaves me with the few moments that I am alive after being born in a state of dying.  I can honestly say that if I knew I was going to die a painful death only moments after being born, I would rather not be born at all.  I would assume that most people would agree with me on this point.  But I have been wrong before.

Wow.  That took a lot less time to write and explain than I had expected, which leaves me in the situation of still having 25 minutes left before I can leave work.  I suppose I can continue the trend of the past week and just do nothing, but that just ends up becoming so bloody boring.

And now you are thinking, “Why did I just waste my time reading this?”  Well, substitute “reading” for “writing” and you’ll know what I am thinking.

*I hate this term and usually refuse to use it except pejoratively, but in this case I need to inform the 4 of you reading this what I am talking about.


~ by sisypheanfeat on 8 October, 2008.

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