Happy World Philosophy Day!

It’s true. I didn’t know such a thing as World Philosophy Day existed, but the BBC told me so and they’re always right. Usually. Well, at least they have cool pictures. Anywho, after my 2 week hiatus I feel that I should start updating this again, partly to keep up with my writing but mostly because AlexMac has made threats against my wellbeing. And I, for one, have learned not to mess with that.

But my world has been rather uneventful. I am trying to finish up my grad school applications–waiting for some transcripts, putting the final touches on my writing sample and letters o’ intent and still trying to quell my distress at spending almost $600 to apply to these schools. Seriously, that’s the worst part. No worries though, I will get my money back. I mean, you are talking to the kid who has been known to spend 6 hours in the dining hall eating non-stop and may have at one time co-conspired in furnishing an apartment kitchen with borrowed University kitchen ware. That’s the rumor, anyway.

I am also trying to maintain some semblance of philosophic work by taking an online Heidegger course through UC-Berkeley. Or, rather, listening to the podcasts from the class that was held last fall and following along with it on my own. If that isn’t determination to achieve my goals, I don’t know what is.

I mean really. Have you ever tried to read “Being and Time?”

Good luck.

Also, my coworker just bought me lunch. Score.

On a less-than-pleasant note, they are going to have to put my dog to sleep, probably today. She was recently diagnosed as being diabetic, a thing we discovered after she was almost in a coma because her blood sugar was almost three times as high as it should have been. So, my madre had to give her twice daily insulin shots and she started perking up. Which lasted for about 2 weeks until she started acting really strange–walking into things, falling over for no reason, etc. So back to the vet she went, and this time they found what they assume to be cancer in her stomach and, in all likelihood, throughout her whole body. They could have done an exploratory surgery which she probably would not have made it through anyway.  Plus, she is down to like 45 lbs.  Plus, she is a black lab.  Plus, she is 13–most black labs go till about 10.  So, she’s had a full life.  Until today, that is.  So yeah, morbid, I know.

Anyway, that’s about it.  I should probably get back to doing actual work anyway, which means staring at the computer and pretending that I am busy.


~ by sisypheanfeat on 20 November, 2008.

2 Responses to “Happy World Philosophy Day!”

  1. Awww poor Bear.
    Sorry Zachary 😦

  2. YAY! No more bodily harm threat for awhile!

    Otherwise, this post made me sad. I loved Bear. She was awesome. *hugs*

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