Yes, it has been like 3 weeks since I last posted.

Yes, I know it is irresponsible of me–all those readers who are interested in my life have been left out (read: Sorry, AlexMac… I’m lame)

And Yes, I have good reason.

In the past three weeks, I have:  

1.  Eaten 3 Thanksgiving dinners in one day after running 9 miles.

2.  Read some pretty cool books. (Rather, 1/2 read one good one [The Geograpy of Though by Richard Nesbitt] and read one “eh” one [Diary by Chuch Palinhuk, which is the first novel by him that disapponted me…]

3.  Saved the world from an invasion of syphilus-carrying terrorist aliens who were trying to blow up the Ben Franklin Museum and destroy his hydrocrystalophone

Well, maybe not the last one, but I mean, if it had been happening, I totally would’ve stopped it.


Anyway, right now it is 12:35am on December, 12 2008.  As of 4:53pm this evening, I will officially be 23 years old.  I am half way into a bottle of Australian Shiraz and watching Chicago.  Co-pilot made me a kick ass card and gave it to me at mid-night.  And Richard Geere rocks my world.

Yes, they both reached for the gun.

And I could ask for nothing more.


~ by sisypheanfeat on 12 December, 2008.

3 Responses to “Hiatus.”

  1. I have a blog now!!! Yay, you can stalk me as I stalk you. Also… thank god you finally posted, thought you were dead or something. (not really, I knew you were saving the world)

    P.S. I’m glad you’re enjoying your birthday!!

  2. it’s “gere” but whatev. you make me smile and likewise, I have all I need right here in this shitty apartment.

  3. happy birthday, you asshole. my mom’s birthday is also 12/12, sept she’s 31 years older than you. She also drinks australian wine. You two might be…connected.

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