Why Chrome is a bad browser to have at work.

I consider myself a pretty well informed kind of guy.  I read many books, glance at the news at least once a day and try to keep up with the latest computer-music-technology fads and such.  This being the case, when I found out about Google’s new internet browser Chrome, I installed it and tried it out.

I was immediately impressed and decided definitively that one day, Google will rule the world.  They already have YouTube, now Chrome… Tomorrow they’ll be releasing their own OS and destroy Microsoft once and for all.

Anyway, the coolest feature that Chrome offers is the homepage.*  It automatically generates 9 bookmarks with screenshots of the websites that you visit the most, giving you access to them at the click of a mouse.  



I have come to rely on this so extensively that I cannot remember the URL for my email account.  Okay, I can remember it, but haven’t typed it in a few months.  

I have, however, found one drawback to this automatic feature of Chrome–my work computer.  I work at an acupuncture school.  Usually we have patients and I have stuff to do.  However, we are currently on winter break.  We have few patients and I have very little to do.  This being the case, I play on the internet.  

Chrome knows this.  It keeps track.  It makes sure to tell my homepage that http://www.runnersworld.com is one of my top 9 most visited websites.  This list also includes a number of other blogs.  Cool, right?  Yeah, until my boss tries to get on the internet and is all “Oh, I see you spend an exorbatantly large amount of time on completely un-work-related websites” and I’m like “No, that wasn’t me.  Those automatically load based upon the most common sites for users with in my demographic” and then he’s like “It says ‘Most Visited’ at the top of the page, genius” and I’m like “Crap.”

At least, that is what it would be like if I let him on my computer.  But I don’t. Everytime he comes near, I go to the BBC site or something equally unreprochable to hide what I am really doing, which is either reading offensive blogs or playing Spider Solitare.  Although, as laid back as he is he probably won’t care anyway, but that would make this a very lame story.  And my name is not Steph.**

But other than that, I like it a lot.  You should get it.  It’s pretty cool.


* This is actually the second coolest.  The coolest is “Incognito Mode.”  I will not even try to give a dignified explination as to why I like this so much–to do so would be impossible.  I mean, at least the ‘dignified’ part would be.

**I have a friend.  Her name is Steph.  She likes to get really excited and tell lame stories, leaving us all “Like, WTF?”


~ by sisypheanfeat on 19 December, 2008.

One Response to “Why Chrome is a bad browser to have at work.”

  1. You are my favorite. You get ten points for the Steph reference. Especially since I’m talking to her now. About the weather…

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