Weekend of Pie, Sushi and Gas

This past weekend was filled with all sorts of good times. Saturday was spent hanging out with my grandmother and my increasingly senile grandfather, which is both funny and tragic. He is well into his 4th year of Alzheimer’s which, as anyone who has experienced this second hand will know*, tends to be the point where everything just goes kaput.  Language goes away, short term memory is completely gone and, at least with my grandfather, confusion is the new norm.  At this stage he has a habit of doing funny things.  Like trying to drink from the salt shaker instead of his coffee cup.  Or trying to eat out of his coffee cup even though you don’t eat coffee with a fork.  It may be insensitive, but my grandmother and I had a good laugh at those.  Sometimes the only way you can deal with a terrible situation is to just laugh.

After this, I wandered on over to Shaba’s house and, like usual, drank Guinness with her parents until she got there about a half an hour later.  That is the type of family that I want when I (or, rather, if  I ever) get married.  One where I can go and just hang out with my in-laws without feeling awkward.  Shaba’s parents have been that way since the first time I met them and her dad told me, in a loud, intimidating and slightly drunk voice to “unass yourself from my wall and sit the hell down.”  

Oh yes, it was just like home.

The other highlight of my weekend was Sunday night hanging out with my college-y friends.  The following things occurred:

  • AlexMac and Steph wanted me to share my sushi making expertise with them.  We made quite a bit of sushi, but there were 6 of us so it was all good.  Little did I know, however, that Steph and I were the only ones who really liked sushi as a full meal.  Also, Steph is tiny and doesn’t eat a whole lot.  The result?  Literally about 6 pounds of left over sushi which, at the current moment, is M.I.A.  And I hope to God it isn’t in the trunk of my car…
  • AlexMac and I talked about eating fetuses and making spaghetti sauce from babies and other after-birth goo.  We talked about this for about 25 minutes.  This pretty much sums up our friendship.
  • After Sheri attacked our Andy’s Mint pie and left a perfect hand imprint, we proceeded to eat it.  And an Oreo pie.  Apparently sushi isn’t a meal, but pie is.  And who am I to argue with that?
  • A giant pillow fight thing of death involving 6 people.  Again, for about 25 minutes.  Again, very relationship summing.
  • My car hates me.  Around 12:30 a.m. we decided to go to another friends house to watch MST3K.  On the trip, I was all, “Yo, my windshield is dirty.  I should totally use my wiper fluid and clean that shit off.”  So I did.  Sort of.  You know how windshield wipers are supposed to go up-down, back-forth, 0°-90°-0°?  Well, my driver’s side wiper just never stopped going up, continued for an entire 180° and went off the side of the car.  This didn’t phase me.  It has done it before.  The problem was that when I went to push it back, the thing broke off in my hand.  Like, the entire arm.  And it didn’t just come unbolted, oh no.  The effing thing sheared in half.  Awesome.

Overall, though, it was a good time.  Its nice to get back to town from time to time and hang out with a bunch of people that I can be myself around.  No worrying about being judged for my terrible jokes.  No worrying about finding interesting things to talk about.  Just being myself.

And, to tell you the truth, I miss the lack of gross bodily sounds down here.  Somehow, belching and farting and all that good stuff makes me feel at home.  And yes, that’s a direct shout-out to AlexMac.


*Second hand is the important part.  Because if you’ve experienced it first hand, chances are you won’t remember, because you have Alzheimers.  Get it? Get it?  Not funny?  Fail.


~ by sisypheanfeat on 25 March, 2009.

2 Responses to “Weekend of Pie, Sushi and Gas”

  1. Alex is so gross.
    And I enjoy that this is posted in Baby-Jugga.

  2. I didn’t even fart that much! And you’re gross, Shaba! Ha! Take that! However, I totally … wait, I did fart a lot. All over Steph’s papasan and she kept freaking about it. You’re right, I’m awesome. Hahahaha, I had an awesome time with you. I love when you visit and we get to hang out like old times. Nothing beats it.

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