Updates! Yay!

So, some fun list-style updates of my life… Here we go!

  • I got an article published here on the blog to one of the top 3 Buddhist glossy publications in the U.S.–and on my first try nonetheless!  It is slightly geeky and philosophy-ey, but it’s still good!  Thanks go to Shaba and Copilot for helping me edit.
  • Speaking of Copilot, after 3 months of apartment-finding drama (for her) and a lack of finding anything even remotely affordable (for me), we have decided that we are going to stay put in our apartment for another year.  The bad news is that I have another year full of hunching and awkward showers ahead of me.  The good news is that we don’t have to deal with the hassle of moving.  Plus, I have a reputation to live up to–this will be 3 years in a row that I have had amazingly strange living arrangements.  Hooray for air mattresses and pull out couches!
  • I am pretty sure that grad school and I have finally had our last fight and have broken up.  I have had a lot of time to think about this and I don’t think I was going to do it for the right reasons.  My main motivation was because I wanted to teach, not necessarily because I wanted to teach philosophy.  At this point I am looking to get a job doing non-profit management, a field that I think I would absolutely love.
  • I am really starting to like the business side of things, not necessarily budgets and finances and that stuff but negotiation and management and relationship building.  It’s pretty cool stuff.  Hence the last bullet point.

My cousin is getting married this weekend so I will be going home for the wedding.  My mom asked if I was going to bring anyone and I told her that I hadn’t planned on it.  She proceeded to tell me, “Oh.  I just wasn’t sure if you had met someone down there yet or not.  But don’t worry–there will be plenty of single girls at this wedding for you to meet.”

Is it bad that my mom is telling me that I should stop wasting time and get my pimp on Wedding Crashers style?


~ by sisypheanfeat on 16 June, 2009.

6 Responses to “Updates! Yay!”

  1. Well, at least that will make you easier to track down. It’s hard enough without you moving all over the friggin’ place.

    Sidebar: where the hell have you been? I haven’t heard from you in weeks!

    KIT you limey git!

  2. Sooooo, I thought you should know that I check this nearly everyday. Occasionally only twice a week. That’s not creepy, right?

    Also, congrats on the publication and all your other bullet points. I figure that you had them up for so long because no one said that. I am seriously proud of you, though.

  3. more updates! more writing! puh-leeze


    Don’t you miss me? Seriously though… what’s going on in The Philosopher’s life? I would accept even a crude drawing from when you were drunk.

  5. What happened to Blog? you haven’t even told me what Sisyphean means yet.

  6. you know what…I don’t need you. the internet told me.

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